Wrapped ETH (WETH) is the native cryptocurrency on Mint Songs and is transacted on the Polygon side-chain. WETH is used to purchase NFTs from music artists.

Mint Songs uses Polygon (an Ethereum side-chain) to allow music artists to create eco-friendly NFTs at a significantly cheaper cost compared to creating NFTs on Ethereum. NFTs on Polygon also allow for significantly less transaction costs for collectors buying, selling, and transferring Mint Songs NFTs. Which brings us to MATIC...

MATIC is used to pay for gas fees (transaction fees to use the blockchain) on Mint Songs. Gas fees are incurred during minting and purchasing. Because we're using Polygon, these fees are fairly minimal so you will only need tiny bit to mint and purchase.

Mint Songs provides music artists with the MATIC to cover their gas fees! Send us a request through the Intercom chat bot on the bottom right side of the website.

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