Here's a simple guide to buying music NFTs on the Mint Songs Marketplace:

Step 1: Create a Metamask wallet and install the extension for your browser (Note: we recommend Chrome or Firefox)

Step 2: Create an account on Mint Songs by connecting your Metamask wallet (Note: this must be done on desktop)

Step 3: Purchase Wrapped ETH (WETH) and MATIC

Step 4: Find the music NFT you'd like to purchase

Step 5: Click "Collect NFT" and sign the transaction in your Metamask wallet extension

Step 6: After 5-10 seconds, click "Collect NFT" again to purchase the NFT with your Wrapped ETH (WETH)

Step 7: Hit Confirm and you should have the NFT in your wallet within the next 5 minutes!

Congrats! You just purchased a music NFT on Mint Songs and showed your support for an artist on our platform.

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